How Do I Get to the Top of Google?

Google, one of the internet’s most key brands supports millions of peoples search queries per day and it’s very likely it has helped you on many occasions. Hundreds of millions of websites appear in its search results and it can become easy to get lost. Navigating the online labyrinth needs to be easy and it needs to be simple for users to find you. That is why being on Google’s first page could be very useful and BlueJay is here to help.

So, how do you get to the top of Google? Our guide may be a valuable resource when it comes down to potentially improving your search ranking.

Why being top is so valuable?

The goal for any website, company or brand is to appear on the first page of Google, in those top 10 search results.

A study from 2013 estimates that 33% of all search query traffic will click on the first result.

If there are 10,000 searches per month for your given term, that could convert into a *lot* of clicks.

The higher up the rankings a link appears, the higher the click likelihood. Google Adwords is the quickest way to get to the top, but that comes at a heavy price and it’s kind of cheating. Organic (free) listings are way more valuable as that is what will generate more money for your website.

Being top of a Google search is going to get you a lot user traffic, more clicks than number two and three and come page four or five on Google, it could become easy to get lost and give up on a search.

What is SEO?

SEO is sometimes known as ‘Organic Search’ or Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the art of making your site attractive to the search engines and more attractive than your competitors. Making it attractive means optimising all the elements of the website that Google, and other search engines deem important. These can start with basics like ensuring your page talks about the subject (your target keyword) and then onto more advanced factors like the speed of page load or location of server.

Why SEO is so important:

SEO strategy could be the difference in a high or low search ranking. That is where SEO comes in, and it is the specific keywords which may influence a position on Google search engine result pages (SERP). You want users to find your product and website by specific keywords and you want to attract traffic from your target audience. For example, your brand name could be very unique so a quick search may find it high up already, however, your products could be extremely common so a product search may not bring up your website at all. That is why investing in SEO is crucial.

SEO keywords is what will be searched for people to find and discover your website. There will however be global giants that will outrank smaller businesses, but do not get discouraged!

Below are some things to consider that may play in favour when it comes down to getting to the top of Google.

Some Considerations for Getting to the top of Google

There are a number of ways that may influence where you appear on Google’s SERP and encourage more clicks. The odds of appearing on page one overnight are very slim so remember these things take time! Here are some things we recommend to consider:

Pick the right keywords: Major keywords like ‘loans’, ‘insurance’ or ‘mortgages’ will have millions of searches but will have greater competition. More focused terms that relate to your business may not promise such lofty traffic but can convert to a quicker sale with less competition for search positions.

Use words to explain your product: Google still loves text, so where you can, ensure your page has at least 400 words. Our team here at BlueJay are seeing greater success with long form content, pages with over 1,000 words. However longer word counts alone won’t get you to the top!

Make sure the page is mobile friendly: Google loves ‘mobile friendly’ websites and with more and more people using the search engine on a mobile device, it makes sense to be compatible. Sites that are not mobile friendly may not appear as highly as ones that are. Read our 5 tips for making your site mobile friendly.

Ensure your pages load fast: Google doesn’t like a bad user experience. If your site loads too slow, or slower than your competitor then you may not appear so high in the rankings.

Linking: Inbound links could become a major factor, especially top quality links. Plus it will provide more for Google to index.

As highlighted, the impact of SEO and keywords is vital. You want your website to be visible and a good SEO strategy combined with some of the points above may be able to give you a boost in the Google rankings.

Online reputation will have a huge impact on whether or not a website appears on page one. Global names with a colossal fan base will be heavily popular across the web and knocking them off the top stop may be very tricky.

With a strong SEO strategy, optimising for mobile, creating regular content, linking and spending time investing in all of the above may have an influence when it comes down to where you lay in Google’s search. Just don’t give up!

How BlueJay can Help

BlueJay was built by a team of experts who have achieved global top positions for many companies. A BlueJay SEO report will analyse your site against 10 key factors that will impact your SEO providing guidance on how to improve your site for potentially greater search positions and traffic.

You can learn more about our SEO audit here: