How Google's layout change will impact your organic search results

Google has made some interesting changes to their search results layout which could impact how your search results appear and the potential traffic from your search positions.

These changes have been made to the page layout, increasing the 'real estate' for the central results column and decreasing the size of the Right Hand column.

Initially these changes will affect your search results in three ways:

1. Potentially more traffic from organic search

Expanding the width of search results means more content can fit across the page, decreasing line splits and effectively 'pushing up' the search results on the page. This won't affect your positions but you'll be that bit higher up the page. We expect this will benefit most the results 'below the fold' 5 - 10 which may gain more visibility.

2. More space for your titles and descriptions

The expanded space will allow you more copy length in the title and descriptions. Titles can now be up to 70 characters (up from 55 - 60) and descriptions will be around 15 character longer, bringing them to around 175 characters before they are cut off.

3. Improvements to local search results

Location results have greater space meaning more of your details will be visible. This could help with greater engagement of local search results and more clicks.

These changes are rolling out globally over the coming days. We're seeing them appear in the US and the UK with other countries set to follow.

Our BlueJay audits will update tonight to reflect these longer title and description opportunities.

Thanks to for the heads up and use of their images.