How often does Google index your site?

The frequency of Google indexing your site will be different for every site, depending on a number of factors.

We can safely assume that Google will try and index your site at least once a week. However, there are reasons why it will change the frequency of indexing your site.

Put simply, Google returns to your site to check if you have any fresh content or updates it needs to consider. If it visits one week and there are no new updates, it will visit again next week to check. If there is no fresh content then Google may decrease the frequency of indexing.

Why is infrequent indexing a problem?

There are two main reasons this could be problem.

1. Google likes to display fresh results. If your page has not been updated in months, they may rank a fresher page, from someone else, above your site.

2. When you do make some updates you will be keen for them to appear in Google. Because Google stopped indexing so frequently you may have to wait a few weeks for the refresh.

3 methods to encourage more frequent Google indexing

1. The easiest way to encourage Google indexing is to regularly update content. This can be the editing of certain pages, the inclusion or removal of some paragraphs and the creation of brand new pages or articles. Changing the odd price or removing a full stop may not be enough to be classed as a change.

2. Achieving new links to the site will also help as Google will be indexing other sites all the time.

3. Share your pages on Social Media. When you share a page on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ it sends out a 'bot' to retrieve a preview of the page. Publishing the post or Tweet will also be picked up by the search engines as another indicator that there is fresh content to review.

How to Identify when Google last indexed your site.

Read our helpful guide for different ways to easily see when Google last indexed your site.

We believe the frequency of updating your site is an important measure for your SEO and we include this in our SEO Audit.