Pay as you go SEO

BlueJay has been created to provide 'Pay as you Go SEO' tools for anyone needing SEO help without the monthly fee.

The team behind BlueJay have a global track record in delivering 'Pay as you go' models with BirdSong Analytics. Now used in over 150 countries, BirdSong pioneered the concept of 'Pay as you Go' social media reports. With BirdSong you can analyze any Twitter account, Facebook Fan Page, Instagram account or YouTube channel paying only for the reports needed.

Our SEO tools launch with a 'Pay as You Go' SEO audit analyzing 10 key factors that can inlfuence the search engine optimisation of any site. BlueJay Analyzes the key factors to deliver an audit report with personalised suggestions for site improvement. Read more about our SEO audits here.

Further SEO tools will be launching during the year.