Comprehensive SEO Audit

Independent Audits with no Monthly Fee

BlueJay provides a comprehensive SEO audit of any website you choose.

Each audit costs 149.99 GBP and there is no ongoing commitment or monthly fees.

No technical knowledge is required to understand our reports. We work with agencies, SEO professionals, SMEs and marketing teams.

Key Audit Measures

To succeed in SEO, it is important that the search engines can see the target website's content in the best light. The concept of ‘signal to noise ratio’ is not new in SEO terms but remains relevant. The signal is the message you want to project to the search engines, and onward to potential customers. The ‘noise’ is what gets in the way. This can be poor optimization or the addition of unrelated content that is making it harder for the signal to be recognized. The greatest content is of no SEO value if it is not well presented to Google and the other search engines.

Each of our SEO audits checks 15 different measures, going far beyond the simple use of keywords. Our reports look at the whole website, not just the homepage. We index every page and compare the number of pages on site with the number of pages indexed by Google and Bing.

  • Our hosting analysis will identify where and how the site is hosted, explaining how this could be impacting SEO and what if any improvements could be made.
  • The Site structure analysis will identify how the site has been created and which elements could be impacting SEO success, from mobile optimisation to URL structure and more.
  • With our independent speed checks, we test a crucial measure impacting both user experience and search engine influence. BlueJay tests the load time from three different continents to provide a balanced view of speed.
  • Our Content Analysis looks deep into the page to identify the 'signal to noise' elements, splitting the site code with the content to measure content visibility.
  • For every identified page on the site, we provide a summary of findings for your deeper review.

Audit Delivery

Every audit takes around two hours to deliver* with a full report emailed to you. Customers have access to our reports portal that stores a copy of their report(s) and invoices.

* sometimes longer at busy periods.


Each SEO Report is unique to your chosen site. The audit provides full guidance to make improvements yourself or to pass on to your web developer. With BueJay, you have no ongoing commitment, simply pay for the audit and take the findings.

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