Website audit

SEO Audit Tool

For any website, our audit includes 10 tests to identify the key factors that could be impacting its SEO performance.
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Website visualiser

Website Visualiser

For any website, you can run a report to see a snapshot of every page on the site with a full PDF export for offline review.

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Website visualiser

Pay as you go

For any website, BlueJay provides independent SEO tools. These offer insights to support your SEO needs, without monthly fees.

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Modern SEO standards.

BlueJay SEO Website Audits are compiled by benchmarking a website's performance against a number of key factors including website structure and use of modern web standards. The outcome of our tests are rated against modern and up-to-date SEO standards as recognised by Google, Bing, and others.

Modern SEO standards.

Review any website.

BlueJay allows you to run an SEO audit on any website, we don't limit you to just your own domains. Our reports are used by agencies, SEO professionals, small business owners, and marketing teams.

Download your reports.

You export your BlueJay website audits and download them as a PDF. You can then share these with other team members, and use them to benchmark ongoing performance.

What do our reports include?